Welding and machining of black steel
Welding and machining of stainless steel (all types)
High-precision welding and machining of aluminium

Light structures

Performing jobs to the customer’s design or preparing a complete project including the design.

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Single items and mass production.

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Industrial installations, collectors, storage tanks

We manufacture industrial installation items, storage tanks, and pipe collectors.

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Business clients

We will accept any type of job. We accept orders for one-off tasks and mass production jobs.

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Individual customers

We offer a wide range of locksmith and metallurgical services for individual customers. This includes fences, balustrades, storage sheds, and garden furniture, as well as steel fitting and metal bending works.

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Who are we?

Our company is people, and people are its greatest value.

The roots of ALSTE date back to the 1990s. Backed by its its owner’s and managers’ unrivalled expertise in metallurgy and welding, our company can guarantee the precision and timeliness that fully meet the industry’s established standards.

For over a decade, we’ve had the opportunity to explore our business environment and choose the best partners. The hot-dip galvanizing and paint shops we cooperate with use only top-quality materials, completing every job with extra care and right on schedule. Steel suppliers provide us with the best, certified products. We will deliver any prefabricated items to the destination of your choice, safely and on time.


As every construction site, we keep changing as well. Responding to what’s needed here and now, our vision reaches into the future. We are a company which, acting as the Project Owner or General Contractor, can be entrusted tasks of any size and complexity.

We are prepared for that. We are ALSTE.


Machining of all types of steel.

MIG, MAG, TIG welding

High-precision welding of all steel types

Zinc coating

Zinc coating using the hot-dip or electrogalvanising process.

Water-, laser- and guillotine-cutting

High-precision cutting of metals, stone, tiles.

Powder coating

Powder coating using high-quality paints.


Sand-blasting of black-steel items before painting.